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Breeding Barn Owls typically produce one clutch of eggs per year but will occasionally have two. The female usually starts laying her eggs in April, although she can lay in early March and nesting attempts in later months are not uncommon. Both the female and male Barn Owl will roost together at a prospective nest place for at least ten days before any eggs are laid, and this period can last for some weeks. The pair can therefore be observed together around their chosen site anytime from February through to the summer months. At this point they are particularly sensitive to disturbance from people, so great care must be taken to avoid this. Nonetheless, nest site records are massively valuable, so please report them here! 

Please report all Barn Owl nests, roost sites, and sightings (dead or alive), anywhere in the UK. Thanks.

  • Step One – please check through the quick Owl Identification Guide - just to make sure the bird you saw really was a Barn Owl. Pellet identification and owl sounds included.
  • Step Two – complete our one-page survey form.
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